Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trial Run

Hub was able to cut out the door to the tractor this past Saturday and attach the two hinges as well as the lock, so since it was so nice and sunny and warm, we decided to take the chicks for a trial run in their new digs.

Fancy, new, predator-proof (fingers crossed) door.

They were a bit unsure what to do at first and had this odd tendency to just lay down sideways on the ground instead of standing and pecking around - I think this was just confusion on their part because they are chickens, after all, and not a whole lot goes on in those heads of theirs.

You want us to do what?

BUT, after a few minutes of huddling together, taking in their new surroundings, one by one they started to branch off from the group and peck around at all that lovely greenery and bugs and whatever it is that chickens do on the ground.

I think it was Egg Carton that welcomed herself into the tractor by taking a nice, big dump. Good girl! Momma is proud.

Not quite sure how to navigate the roosts.

Within 30 seconds, both cats came prowling out of the corners of the yard and were quite disappointed to discover that the chicks had a solid fortress surrounding them and would not become kitty snacks today.


Kay said...

Our chicks did that exact same thing when we brought them outside for the first time. They were so funny! But now they're 10 weeks old and in their outdoor coop for good, and act like real chickens.

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