Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cats Don't Care About Earth Day

And neither do I.

Let me show you:

Nekkie has no consideration for the fragile Alligator Lizard population in my backyard.

Lizard drops tail, confuses cat.

Liz says to me, "I'm totally smarter than your cat."

I think Earth Day and all this green bullshit is just a really sad excuse for people to feel better about their incessant procreating and whathaveyou because they don't want to admit that their decision to populate the planet further is the sole reason for its demise.

O, and it's something for big corporations to totally capitalize on, but that's a discussion for another day.

Not that I believe that Earth is in trouble anyway - we will destroy ourselves far before we have any long-lasting effect on the Big E. Humans are funny in how we always have to make it about us.

Here's a thoughtful quote to help console oneself amidst all this earthy Doom and Gloom:

"No American city comes remotely close to being sustainable. There are too many people on the planet to make it sustainable with any technology. Utopians believe that the earth can handle 6 billion and more of us to come, but every ecological system in the biosphere is collapsing at rates not seen since the last mass-extinction. Thus, I'm not especially concerned about someone driving a hummer or failing to recycle a plastic bottle.

Most of our environmentalism primarily serves the purpose of making us feel good about ourselves. It's not doing anything to 'save the planet'. The planet will be fine, it's doing a good job of ramping up all kinds of anti-human defenses. Read any science journal and you'll see countless reports of ways in which we're destroying our own habitat (and that of many other species), but life will go on just fine as it always does. It will go on with a very different balance of species and a lot of opportunities for new species to evolve during the post-hominid epoch." -- from username "TheHarvester" on www.city-data.com

I remember my Pops telling me a long time ago about his theory that we should use up all the fossil fuels on Earth so that there's nothing left and we have to develop new technology to support ourselves that does not rely on a finite amount of resources. I thought it was absurd at the time - it makes perfect sense to me now.

So why am I trying to be a "homesteader"? Because I am doing this for fun, THANKS. Gardening is fun. Baby chicks are totally cute. Composting benefits the food I get to eat. I'm all in it for the gratification.

I also don't trust anyone. I value self-sufficiency for the sole reason that I don't want to rely on anyone else for my livelihood (other than the Hub for emotional support and because I just like him so darn much). This may never actually come to be, but I can certainly have fun trying.

Don't get me wrong now, y'all! I love all the rug rats that my friends and family have had (and will have in the future). I simply savor the freedom of handing them back over at the end of the day after I've gotten my kid fix.

Earth Day is tomorrow. Show your un-support by choosing to ignore it like me.


K8Mlr said...

Cheers to that sister! (and thanks for the follow up that my spawn is well received in loo of your previous comments ;) I'm happy to recycle, use my own grocery bags, practice commute options, etc. but when it comes down to it all...I'm in this for myself. I'll watch my step but be damned if I'm not going to have the time of my life leaving a big ass footprint on this planet!

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