Monday, April 13, 2009

Chanterelles Taste Like Chicken

They really do!

I don't think I've ever had Chanterelle mushrooms before, but they came in the farm share unexpectedly last week, and I had been deliberating all week about how to cook them because I wanted to put them in something that Hub would eat but never got around to figuring out what that magic dish might be. Sunday rolls around, and they're still sitting on my counter, so I decided to just throw them in a pan with some walnut oil (because I'm a bad wife and had failed to restock the butter supply) and garlic, and yea, wow, pretty much tastes like chicken after throwing in a splash of rice vinegar at the last minute.

I was somewhat scared of their crazy shape, but I ate them all. Hooray for expanding my culinary horizons.

Chantarelles = an expensive chicken substitute.



On to gardening: we had all these leftover pieces of Trex decking from building, well, our deck, and I knew I could use them for something, so I decided to make planter boxes out of them. I drilled and screwed them using 2.5" galvanized deck screws - they're not exactly square, but I don't think the tomatoes will mind much.

Happy tomaters.

Then, I built one for the thyme plant I had as well as one more. I wasn't sure what to put in it, and then I remembered that I had some leek ends that a gardening friend of mine told me I could just put right back in the ground and they'll grow back! We'll see what happens. Not ten minutes after I put the leeks in the soil, Gravel dug one up. I think some welded wire barricades are in order here.

They seem to be multiplying.


Leek rear ends.

More tomaters.


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