Monday, April 6, 2009

Picture-Free Monday

It's not my fault that I have no pictures for you this morning. OK, maybe it is my fault because I certainly had plenty of opportunity to take many a picture but was just so FN busy, what with Husband's brother in town all weekend and Husband's b-day on Saturday (where we ended up with 20+ people in our house on Saturday night that I did not prepare adequately for).

Anyway, due to all this busyness, I have not even made a dent in the farm share that I picked up last Wednesday, and I'm stressing myself out with trying to figure out how to use it all without wasting anything.

We have eaten the apples and carrots at least, but all the leafy greens remain unused in their Debbie Meyer Green Bags in the vegetable crisper but Hallelujah! I did find some recipes that I can make between tonight and tomorrow night that will hopefully finish them all off (I see myself making LOTS of soup) and THEN WE GET TO START THIS FARM SHARE MADNESS all over again on Wednesday.

I was not prepared for the sheer volume of food that I signed up for, but I promised myself I would stick with it, and so we'll see whether I'm tearing my hair out next Monday. Maybe I'll have a picture at least.

So, here's a non-photograph-y description for you, dear reader, to let you know just how innovative I'm being with consuming this large volume of vegetables:

I'm currently eating sunflower sprouts wrapped in salami. Yes, you read correctly.

I accidentally left the sunflower sprouts unrefrigerated in my car on Saturday so they got all wilty on me, and I was too lazy (and lacking the necessary bread) to make a sandwich this morning, and sunflower sprouts are a bit gnarly to eat by themselves, so I'm bunching up a handful and smashing them into a piece of rolled salami, and whatdoyouknow, it's actually totally good.

So there! I'm happy that I'm being clever like that but also a little disconcerted with the direction my culinary progression is taking me. I hope to provide you with better news (and a picture for Pete's sake) tomorrow so you can see that I really do know how to cook.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is smashing! I absolutely love it! And I'm sure your CSA will be a fantastic investment once you figure out what to do with it all. :)

I don't have a website or anything, I'm just a lurker. But I am doing my own gardening and hoping for chickens this fall. I'm also a Tightwad Gazette disciple, so I'll do just about anything to keep from having to buy anything from the store.

Have a great day and happy cooking! - Sarah Flehmer, MO.

scmtngirl said...

Thanks, Sarah! I had never heard of the Tightwad Gazette before - now after looking it up on Amazon, I think I need to buy it. You rock.

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