Monday, April 20, 2009

I Love Bark Mulch

My front yard is starting to look like I actually care about it. I am so proud.

I got another truckload of bark mulch on Sunday, and, after much weeding and leveling of the dirt, spread it around. I just can't get enough of this stuff. Bark mulch makes everything tidy and neat and oh-so-organized looking. LOVE.

Bark mulch!

I also made another vegetable bed - we'll call him Vegetable Bed #2, or VB2. It's the same size as the first one - I used 28 bricks for each bed. This time, however, I mixed some steer manure into the top soil to hopefully give the zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumber seeds the boost they need. This area doesn't get a whole lot of sun, so I'm trying to give them the best chance possible to provide me with lots of yummy vegetables.

I would recommend wearing gloves when spreading manure. Ew.

The butter lettuce in Vegetable Bed #1 (VB1) seems to be pretty happy. I used some Foxfarm fertilizer in this bed instead of the steer manure. It will be interesting to see which bed does better.

Getting bigger, slowly but surely.

The chives are looking more edible by the day.

I removed the chicken wire I originally had covering VB1 and replaced it with some welded wire leftover from the chicken tractor extravaganza. It is much neater looking and will also be tall enough for the butter lettuce and chives, although I need to figure out how to cover the ends and will also need to get more welded wire anyway for VB2.

You can't get to us now, stupid deer.


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