Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Chicken Barrow

One of the first projects of the many I have planned to turn my backyard into the homesteading oasis of my dreams is to construct housing for four very lucky chickens. I researched chicken coops extensively before deciding on a mobile design, oftentimes referred to as a chicken tractor. We decided to call it a chicken barrow, because it's kinda like a wheelbarrow, and then I can say that I'm all original like that.

Chicken barrows are intended to be periodically moved about your yard, allowing the chickies to scratch and peck and do everything chickens love to do while eating nasty bugs and tilling your earth for you. Like goats (future plans - totally serious about this), they do all the work for you! Raised vegetable beds can be built, and you simply move the tractor over them at the end of the growing season, and the chickens go to work. I mean, how awesome is that.

In an effort to get some free labor, I enlisted the help of some girlfriends as well as my carpenter husband to help me construct my chicken barrow based on this fine fella's design, with a few modifications of my own of course. I was so proud of how this contraption turned out that I wrote an Instructable for it. Instructables are awesome if you've never been to the site before.

A few things still need to be added: wheels, a nesting box, and two handles plus a door needs to be cut out. I bought hinges as well as padlocks to keep out grabby raccoon hands.

Husband is smart like that and helped us make a template.
All ready to cut out with the jigsaw...

Blue had to make sure it was safe for the chickies.
Blue thinks it should be a dog tractor!

Ta Da!
Then we added 1" chicken wire over the welded wire. Ta da!

Stay tuned because tomorrow, you get to meet the four baby chicks!


green_eggs_and_ham said...

hi i hope your chickens will be very happy in there new home. i am looking at building a chicken run my self at some point in stead of buying one what grade of welded wire did you use in you construction and how flexible was it when taking a curve any help whould be much appreciated

katty said...

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