Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm A Hack Sparky

I have an obsession with lighting.

Overhead lights make me very upset with their annoying, unflattering, harsh shadows, especially in the morning when I'm not yet awake and trying to make coffee without tripping over the dogs who are impatiently waiting to be fed.

I have slowly replaced almost every lighting fixture in my house with nice, efficient halogen spot lights, although by the time I am finally done, this will likely all be outdated, and I'll have to start all over again. Additionally, my level of skill in the electrical world is probably on par with the reject that wired our house in the first place. It hasn't been pretty.

Lately, I've been getting very jealous when I see nice, new kitchens in the fancy home magazines with built in under-cabinet lighting and all it's pleasant moodiness. Well, that and fancy granite/marble/concrete/copper/stainless/whatever counter tops that lack my 1" 1970's grout lines that soak up every bloody spill my drunk friends/family like to dish out in my kitchen, but we won't go there today.

I was at my favorite hardware store the other day and noticed that they have these xenon under-cabinet light kits and decided to try my hand again at electrical work. It was totally fun actually because they worked on the first try and now I don't have to be blinded in the morning whilst whipping up Hub's morning smoothie. I'm hoping they don't lead to my burning the house down - fingers crossed.

Plus, isn't it fun when you get to see the inside of someone else's house whom you do not know? My other weird obsession is seeing the insides of other people's abodes. Very strange, I know.

Anyway, here's my kitchen with the new-halogen-but-still-overhead-lights lights combined with my new xenon under-cabinet lights:


And here's with only the xenon lights:


Much improved for morning coffee and smoothie making.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I was surfing the net for urban homestead type stuff and stumbled on yours. You scare me a little, but I fell in love with your baby chickens, because I maybe have their cousins in my brooder. Mine turned 3 (weeks) yesterday. The 23 of them are in their adolecent plummage stage and eating like teenagers too. I also love your photos. I'm a beginning gardener and loving it. I liked seeing that pesto can be made from greens that are not basil sometimes...
The bad news is that my husband and I have 10 children, and they are very likely to reproduce sometime in the future. Oh, and we think God is real. Other than that, we have alot in common.
Sorry, I don't have my own blog. Anyone with a big family who blogs has a housekeeper and/or neglects their family a little. Well, in my opinion. Or maybe I'm just jealous of their superior organization skills.
Better go, I am prepping a box for my baby ducks coming next week. Khaki Campbells.

scmtngirl said...

Cena, I'm glad you like my pictures and appreciate my culinary endeavors. I promise I'm not at all scary, just a big mouth. Where did I say that I don't believe in God? Good luck with your ducks and chickies! Even if you only blog once a month, it's fun to do and you should try it!

Conny said...

I guess I'm a bit of a lighting geek too, only I don't possess the skills to install them. When we had to re-wire the house (built in 1949, knob and tube wiring), I got to choose where the lights went, and have the undercabinet lighting I always wanted. Maybe I'll post pictures of my kitchen on one of my blogs.

Glad you "dont' bite." Its friendlier that way. :>) Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I knew you handy, very impressive skills! I love the new lighting, especially the new halogen! The undercabinet lights look extremely bright, is this just the pic?

Crisanja said...

Hi! I'm in the planning stage of my own backyard homestead. I'm purchasing my childhood home and its .25 of an acre. I've been mapping out what I want to plant and where and am looking forward to getting a couple of chickens. I loved your chicken barrow!!!! I can't wait to move into my house and get the land ready to grow things. I bought the backyard homestead book, and I've been reading it getting all excited about it. I love your blog!

scmtngirl said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Crisanja! Good luck to you in establishing your homestead - I've read that a quarter acre should be plenty of space. I got my first egg on Sunday! I should blog about it - I've been slacking on the blog, but you have inspired me to write more. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the hurt &/or anger that was caused by my readers' words. To say you hit a sore spot would be a vast understatement, I think. I do appreciate you taking the time to read my blog & share your perspective. I've learned more about the childfree life in the last 12 hrs than I have in the last 12 years!

And after skimming through your blog, I have to tell you that I love your use of pictures. The visual aid really complements in a lovely way.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday!
(the other)Sarah

TnFullQuiver said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to spend more time on your blog.
grace and peace,

refrigerator said...

Wow!! scmtngirl, it's wonderful.. especially the new halogen! The undercabinet lights look extremely bright.. I love your blog!

LC David said...

Amazing! Its really beautiful i like it


LC David said...

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Barbara said...

Hello my new friend seen you over at my friends blog, and thought I would stop by and say hi, I am a Georgia gal, and live in the beautiful Country, love your kitchen it is gorgeous, and love those hard wood floors, yeah lots of lights, me too, hugs my new friends, stop over at my blog and say hi, will glad to be your new friend, hugs Barbara from

Pam said...

Beautiful...I'm drooling!..he he! Such a wonderful blog you have! Hugs!

Madison W said...

Nice info here. Keep us these great posts!

Leontien said...

ok so i see your first line and i read i'm obsessed with lightning... i scroll down and i see pictures of a beautiful kitchen, and i'm like hmmm, that doesn't make sence...

then i see it says lighting not lightning...

Oh well, blame the Dutch part in me!

Thanks for the post!


Farmland Investor said...


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