Monday, June 1, 2009

I Am Able To Grow Something And Eat It, Too!


It's not much, but considering that this is Trial Year Gardening for me, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

O yea, and I almost broke the new/old truck on Saturday. Loaded 1.5 tons of landscaping rock in a 3/4 ton truck. Whoops. She's doing ok after that harrowing experience. I'm doing ok, too, after being yelled at for a good 20 minutes on basic knowledge of payload capacity.

But let's put that all behind us and get back to the Butter Lettuce.

Don't mind my 15-year-old ghetto salad spinner.
first harvest of the spring 2009 season!

I learned that you can cut-and-come-again (bwahahahaha!) the lettuce, which means you can cut it, and it'll grow back a few more times.

Note to self: don't use the leftover chicken pine bedding to mulch the lettuces as it sticks to the leaves like super glue.


Kay said...

Lovely lettuce! This is Trial Year for us too, and I'm pleased as punch when we eat stuff from the garden. Congrats!

Barbara said...

My kind of veggie, cut and get more, yep

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I see your note about anonymity, but alas my poor bloggy's been out of order for over a year and is unworthy of anyone passing by so I'll introduce myself... I'm Birdie : )

I just stumbled across your most-excellent blog while Googling backyard homesteading! I love your photos, your sense of humor & your honesty. I would totally have overloaded a truck bed with gravel, gotten fussed at, then blogged about it.

Thanks for sharing your new adventures in homesteading. I've just started with a few veggies & 5 chickens which are over-nighting in the bathroom while my brother completes the coop "p-u".
It's kinda nice to find someone else who's blazed a little trail before me and has lived to share. I definitely would've used our pine shavings from the chickens in my garden. What a life saver.
Have a great day!

Amoya said...

great looking lettuce I am starting my own garden and I live on a neighborhood farm in the city. i am hoping to raise chickens as well.I am sorry about your truck, I have made similar mistakes but thats life. Keep writing and I will keep readin. Here is my blog

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