Friday, May 1, 2009

The Dog is Jealous

We had some leftovers from dinner at Scopazzi's last weekend consisting of a bacon-wrapped beef medallion, some mashed potatoes, and a few pieces of saucy broccoli, so we decided to give the girls a treat. Now, they are no longer satisfied with plain, old lay crumbles anymore - the ladies promptly DEVOURED almost every last morsel of the leftovers as well as half a banana leftover from this morning's smoothie. Again, we realize now that we mistakenly brought home pigs, not chickens.

We looked up in my Encyclopedia of Country Living book whether it was okay to give chickens leftovers after we realized that the ladies were becoming rather lethargic after their gorge-fest. Fortunately, all is well and they were just overstuffed - you can apparently give chickens just about anything to eat, but shit, I was kinda worried there for a minute.

Needless to say, the dog was insanely jealous. So we let him scrounge around after the chickens were transported indoors for the night. I'm pretty sure he ate some chicken poop, too. Yuk.

It's not every day you see a 105 lb. American Bulldog in a chicken tractor, you know.

"Ma, I can't turn around in here."


Anonymous said...

Our chickens love just about everything, yucky or not yucky. And so does our dog-BoDog.
I'm going to have to read more...the chickens were transported indoors?
Thanks for the visit and comment.
Have a great day.

scmtngirl said...

Pam: The chickens were being kept indoors at night up until this past Saturday when they moved into the coop permanently! They'll be seven weeks old tomorrow. I LOVE reading your blog, especially because you post so many pictures - I'm learning a lot from you!

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